Most Effective Hair Loss Treatment Updated 2018 | An Expert Solution

Best 5 effective hair loss products 2018 | An Expert Solution

Frustrated with using the same old regular products without having any significant change in your hair growth? Most of the people in our world suffer from hair fall and in the process of losing hair, they end up losing their confidences as well. They lose their hope and feel afraid to try any other products for the scalps. Well, this is wrong, for if you turn your back from hope and new possibilities, you will never know the change it could make in your life. personally, I have seen people suffering from hair loss immensely and not only they suffer physically, it affects their mental health as well. So, here I have come with a new hair product which not only helps to fight against all the existing hair fall problems, it also stimulates the long-lost hair growth back to its pavilion. The name of the product is RevivaHair Growth Stimulating and Anti Hair loss Shampoo by Pure Biology. Pure Biology is a newly-reached brand in the market with the assurance of solving all of your hair problems by its mixture of all-natural ingredients necessary for the scalp. This product doesn’t have its own website, so it is available on Amazon only at the moment.

Hair Growth Shampoo & Anti Hair Loss Complex

Biotin and Keratin based Stimulating Shampoo

Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo (Unisex) with Biotin, Keratin & Breakthrough Anti Hair Loss Complex – For men & women

Main Features of Stimulating Shampoo

This product is for stimulating the hair growth and it works as an anti-hair loss compound for the scalp. It has several natural and chemical ingredients in it like- green tea extract, grapefruit seed, soybean oil, coconut oil, Amino acids, walnut extract, biotin, rosemary leaf oil, lemon peel oil, glycerin, Sal palmetto fruit extract, water, sodium lauryl solfoacetate, wheat protein, D-panthenol, Hydrolyzed Keratin, olive oil, glycol distearate, critic acid etc. Among all of these ingredients, two of the most important ingredients that you have to know about are- Amino Kera NPNF and 3HC.

So, there should not be any question of hesitation after knowing the details of all of these ingredients. The mixture of natural plant’s extracts with different kinds of oil is the perfect solution of the hair loss problem that anyone can possibly dream for. This product knows best what it is delivering and it is standing up to its claims gracefully, and the claims are- strengthening the roots of the hair follicles, stimulating the growth of hair, lessening the hair fall problem, reducing baldness and a really prolonged period of hair growth.

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 Women's Hair Mask For Hair Loss Hair Regrowth

Caffeinated Hair Mask for Hair Growth Stimulation

Ultrax Labs Hair Vigor Mask

there is an existence of a hair mask which not only makes hair smoother and shinier but also stimulates the growth of the hair. I have come with the news of such hair mask which stimulates the hair growth and reduces hair fall by improving the hair follicles from the root, and the product is none other than the Hair Vigor Mask by Ultrax Labs. Well, we all know about Ultrax labs and they are famous for their hair products. Now, they have come up with another uniquely good hair product which is used as a hair mask for your hair. The mask provides nutrients and other necessary oils that are needed for your hair to grow into a fuller volume of shiny and smooth hair.

Main Features of Hair Mask:

This hair mask is a caffeinated hair growth stimulating mask which is a one of a kind color-safe product that helps to recover all the damaged hair. This hair mask by Ultrax Labs makes the hair healthier by conditioning them. This mask is made for all kinds of hair types including frizzy and sensitive ones. This product is made with a premium formula containing 10+ hair boosting ingredients that help to repair damaged hair follicles and dry the oily scalp to advertise thicker looking hair every day. This hair mask has caffeine, Aloe Vera gel, jojoba oil, Argan oil and sunflower oil along with other ingredients.

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 vitamin hair loss shampoo conditioner

 Natural Biotin Shampoo and Conditioner for Natural Growth of Hair

VITAMINS Hair Loss Shampoo and Conditioner w/ Natural Growth Factors, Argan Oil & Biotin – Clinically Tested Treatment for Men and Women

Main Features of Biotin shampoo:

One of the most actively prominent ingredients in Nourish Beauté VITAMINS hair growth shampoo is Procapil, which is an herbal element, works as a DHT blocker. It was first developed in Europe and later, it has found its way into the roads of United States. This particular ingredient is made from grapefruits and other citrus fruits. The fame of Procapil has enabled this product to get its recognition mostly, for it is celebrated everywhere for its amazing strength to help stop hair loss. Before releasing the product, it was trialed for a time period and in this trial phase, data have shown 46% reduction in hair loss and almost 121% increase in stimulation of the hair growth.

Other than that, this product contains biotin, and upon my research, I have found out that biotin is the best solution for anti-hair loss problems. Biotin is basically a water-soluble vitamin called vitamin B7 also known as the hair growth vitamin.

This product also has ingredients, like- Coconut Oil, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Castor Oil, water, Citric Acid, Methylisothiazolinone, PG-26- Buteth-26, Oleanolic Acid (derived from Olive leaves), Apigenin (extracted from the Grapefruit Tree), PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Butylene Glycol, Cocamidopropyl Betaine (derived from Coconut Oil) etc.

Another interesting thing that caught my eyes is in the presence of caviar extract in the shampoo, and I have never seen such thing in a shampoo or a conditioner before. So, I tried to google my way up to the information of caviar extract and, to my surprise, I found out that caviar extract is really good for hair, for it contains UV protection for the hair and moisturizes the scalp and the texture of hair.

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Women's Treatment for Hair Loss Hair Thinning

5% Minoxidil Foam for Hair Fall for Women

Main Features of Minoxidil :

This product is best to use in the initial stages of hair thinning for it will quickly find out the root of the problem in your hair and will start working immediately to make a change. It is clinically proven to regrow hair up to 25%. Minoxidil started its journey into the medical world by curing high blood pressure. Physicians started to notice the change among their patients who were on the medication of minoxidil- they were growing more hair as a side effect of the medicine. From then onwards, clinicians went on to develop an application using minoxidil which will fight against hair fall and will help to regrow the lost hair back. Rogaine was approved first for women’s use in 1991 and the rest is history.

The 5% minoxidil formula mainly works to boost the activity of the hair follicle to produce a good result, while TRICHO-Prime technology uses a combination of ingredients which creates an optimal environment for hair growth. The foam contains emollient and botanical extracts as well to help maintain a conditioned and healthy scalp. The AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) in it helps to promote natural skin exfoliation to keep the follicles open. The foam is really easy to use and it does not create any mess: just apply half a cupful daily and massage the foam thoroughly in your scalp to get the better result. It does not contain propylene glycol and it is the first brand that’s been approved by FDA. Clinical results have shown that an improvement has occurred in hair just in 12 weeks of usage.

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Anti Hair Loss Anti-thinning Hair Growth Shampoo

Features of the Gold Label Anti Thinning Shampoo :

PURA D’OR Original Gold Label Anti-Thinning Shampoo has 17 active key ingredients that make this product worthy to be in your shelf with other skin products and some of those are- Argan oil, biotin, tea tree oil, saw palmetto extract, pumpkin seed oil, clary sage oil, hibiscus flower oil, Nettle Root Extract, Saw Palmetto Extract, Red Korean Seaweed, and Niacin. Let us know about some of the ingredients in details and what these ingredients can do to our hair.

Argan Oil: Argan oil is derived from the nuts of the tree with the same name which will be found in the Argan forest in Morocco. This Argan oil has been used as a substance of the dietary supplements, to heal wounds and to get relief from rashes for over the years. But nowadays, men and women both have opted for this oil to use as a moisture oil for their skins and hairs, for it contains prominent vitamins need for the body like- Vitamin A and E, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and Omega-6 fatty acids. Studies show that Argan oil helps to restore moisture in the scalp and to get the previous hair-growth back.

Saw Palmetto: Saw palmetto is proven to be a natural DHT blocker which helps to slow down the natural production process of an enzyme that turns testosterone hormone in male bodies into DHT (dihydrotestosterone). This DHT production affects a number of health issues in men where sexual impotence and hair loss are prominent.

Nettle Root Extract: PURA D’OR Original Gold Label Anti-Thinning Shampoo has nettle root extract which is also considered one of the natural elements that work as a DHT blocker. This root is used in many different sectors of medical sciences ranging from working as a reliever for joint pain to restoring the functions of the prostate once again.

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Ultrax Labs Hair Surge Caffeine Hair Loss Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo

Features of Hair Surge Stimulating Shampoo:

In this section, we will look at all the details of this products along with its ingredients and their descriptions. Ultrax Labs Hair Surge Stimulating shampoo is a shampoo which has caffeine in it. Yes! You heard it right- this shampoo does contain caffeine. Why caffeine, you ask? Well, the answer to this question of yours takes us back to the root of the hair and all of the problems related to it. A research of a group of German scientists shows that caffeine can play a vital role in the prevention of hair loss problem, not only that, it also helps to regrow the hair in scalps. Isn’t it amazing? These scientists weren’t just bluffing without any proof. They supervised an experiment where different of follicles collecting from hundreds of various human scalps were kept in Petri dishes. Then, some of those follicles kept in the dishes were treated with caffeine and rest of them were left with other chemicals. When they were done with their experiment, they witnessed an amazing result in the caffeine-spiked follicles- caffeinated follicles were growing way much faster than the untreated follicles. From this experiment, it was proven that caffeine has a lot more to offer for the human bodies other than just to be in coffee and other beverages.

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